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Framing: Big Progress in a Short Amount of Time

Framing is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to construction. When I used to work construction during the summers of my college days, I always had fun framing walls.

Basement Framing

It’s not too complicated, I got to use a saw and a nail gun (which can be scary sometimes), and the most gratifying is seeing your progress in a short amount of time.

So, once we decided to get started on finishing our basement, I got excited about getting some walls up. However, there have been some challenges to our basement and some of the features that we wanted to incorporate into the design. And perhaps I moved a little too swiftly, as I have the task of filling in some gaps before we can put drywall up.

And even getting the lumber into the basement took some effort. Too stubborn to pay $55 for delivery, I’ve made three separate lumber runs with the minivan (which means I have to take out Rooney’s car seat and fold down all the seats) to haul more than 250 2x4s in our minivan. And then, once I got home, I carried them around the backside of our house and tossed them through our basement window before stacking them up in the basement (Kelsey did help with this).

IMG_4534 IMG_4535

Some of the big issues (read: mistakes) I ran into involved a few ledges, corners, duct-work, doors and pipes that I had to frame around.

Basement Media Wall

Our media wall, where our TV will be. The cement and below is underground and there will be a ledge about 40″ high along the backside of our house.

Framing Mistake

Above is the gap that needs to be filled in with 2x2s. Would have been a lot easier to do before I put up the half wall. Womp, womp…

Framing Basement Ledge

We created a six-foot section in the middle of the wall to add depth, break up the long wall, and give us a place to run wires inside the wall (our TV will be mounted on this wall).

Framing Ductwork

Framing around ductwork. For a tall guy, I really hate to lose this headroom.

Framing Pipes

Drain pipes are certainly in an unfortunate spot.

Framing Photo Ledge

Kelsey’s ┬áidea in the office. Above will be a ledge for artwork. Below the ledge to the floor will be faux brick. Painted white, of course.

Framing Walk In Shower

Walk-in shower for guests… This is going to be sweet… If we ever get it done…

It’s all good. I just have to keep telling myself that nobody will see the framing once the drywall is up…

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7 responses to Framing: Big Progress in a Short Amount of Time

  1. Looking good Eric! Thank God you can do a lot of it yourself! I am thankful that Josh & I can work on our house ourselves & save so much money! Just an idea…if you have a Restore there, which you probably do, you should look at purchasing some of your lumber & other items there. You can save a ton of money! We bought all of our tile for our kitchen there, $15 per box for high grade tile!

    • Our Restore is on the other side of town, so it’s a little tough to get to. We did check it out though, but didn’t think about looking for lumber. An embarrassing moment for a budgeting guy like myself. :( I’m so thankful for all your Dad taught me how to do. It’s paying off now for sure.

  2. This makes me so excited to start on our basement, eventually….our Restore doesn’t usually have any significant lumber so don’t feel too bad. I’m so excited to keep watching the progress!

  3. Nice job Eric…you’re such a “stud!” seewhatididthere

  4. I’m loving your peeks into your process! Evan and I are just now starting the “house hunt” for the first time – which is really exciting and kind of scary too! We are imagining doing work on our future home eventually and are soaking in your tips :). So excited to watch your journey unfold!

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